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Survivor urges Scotland to criminalise paying for sex

Mia de Faoite, a survivor of prostitution, has called on the Scottish Government to criminalise paying for sex in order to combat the demand from sex buyers that drives prostitution and sex trafficking. Writing in the Scotland on Sunday, Mia also calls for selling sex to be decriminalised in order to support individuals exploited through the sex trade to exit and access help.

"there was nothing I experienced nor witnessed that could ever be justified. Prostitution is what most people imagine it to be: violent and dangerous. In the six years that I was involved, I endured a gang rape and three separate rapes, including being raped twice on the same night, plus countless humiliations and numerous physical assaults. There is no other “industry” where that level of violence would be tolerated." - Mia de Faoite

Read the full article here.


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